Writing into the Story

6th June

After a lot of notecarding and pondering, I’ve figured out a little more of the story and found what I think is the beginning. This is likely to change as the story progresses, so nothing is cast in stone.

I’m retraining myself on that concept. My heart knows stories are not necessarily written in a linear fashion, but my logical head wants them to be.

Today I wrote (new) the opening scene, which takes place in the fairy world. It introduces a young half fairy who will play a dominant role, although he’s not the main character.

Got 872 new words. Not totally happy with them as I feel this is a little cliched at the moment. I do like the premise, I just have to find a way to present it that makes it clear it’s a story for grownups, not children. The mention of fairies always conjures up tinkerbell and other cutesy Disney characters for me, I don’t know about you.

My fairy world is not like that at all.

7th June

Got off to an early start with fiction writing this morning. That’s really nice change and something I might try and make more of a habit of rather than plunging straight into business writing.

Anyway, I dropped into a conversation between Ozzie and Kathy, who had both done things the other disapproved of. It was fun to more or less eavesdrop on the argument/discussion, and learn a little more about Kathy in the process.

There was also some foreshadowing, although I didn’t realise it at the time of writing, about the dangers Anna will run into as the fae world reveals itself.

The more I write into this story, the more I like it.

I’ve also done a little genre/category research on Amazon, since I’ll be indie publishing this eventually. Found a couple of possible categories to investigate a bit futher:

  • Teen and Young Adult/Fairy Tales and folklore
  • Fantasy Fairy Tales
  • Mythology and folk Tales

There are plenty plenty more. It’s been a while since I’ve tried navigating Amazon book categories. There are loads more now than there were a few years ago. Or so it seems.

Some books seem in odd categories, such as dark fairy stories in ‘teen and young adult parental issues fiction ebooks’. Yes, it’s a book category. I suppose most fairy stories deal with parental issues of some kind, so maybe it’s not such a stretch, but still…

Anyway, this morning I wrote 613 words, which is over my daily target of 500 so I’m happy with that.

Total new words for the first week of Summer of Fiction Writing: 3,334.

Writing into the Story

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