Writing Challenge – Week 1 Progress Report

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7th June

Got off to an early start with fiction writing this morning. That’s really nice change and something I might try and make more of a habit of rather than plunging straight into business writing.

Anyway, I dropped into a conversation between Ozzie and Kathy, who had both done things the other disapproved of. It was fun to more or less eavesdrop on the argument/discussion, and learn a little more about Kathy in the process.

There was also some foreshadowing, although I didn’t realise it at the time of writing, about the dangers Anna will run into as the fae world reveals itself.

The more I write into this story, the more I like it.

I’ve also done a little genre/category research on Amazon, since I’ll be indie publishing this eventually. Found a couple of possible categories to investigate a bit futher:

  • Teen and Young Adult/Fairy Tales and folklore
  • Fantasy Fairy Tales
  • Mythology and folk Tales

There are plenty plenty more. It’s been a while since I’ve tried navigating Amazon book categories. There are loads more now than there were a few years ago. Or so it seems.

Some books seem in odd categories, such as dark fairy stories in ‘teen and young adult parental issues fiction ebooks’. Yes, it’s a book category. I suppose most fairy stories deal with parental issues of some kind, so maybe it’s not such a stretch, but still…

Anyway, this morning I wrote 613 words, which is over my daily target of 500 so I’m happy with that.

Total new words for the first week of Summer of Fiction Writing: 3,334.

Reflection/Target Revision

Weekly Goal: Have at least 2,500 new words on my WIP.
Met? Yes, I have 3,334.

Side goal: Update and revive my website.
Met? Yes, and here it is 🙂 It had been so long since I even visited the site, I had to do a manual update of WordPress. Did it, so the site is at least functioning again ready to use.

Reflection: I’m ahead of target so far on words written, but I need to take more time to plan the story. I don’t want a complete outline, but I do want a more solid handle on exactly what the problem is for my MC. Every time I think I have it nailed, it shifts out of focus again.

NB – If you’ve arrived here randomly and don’t know what this is all about, check out the SOFW banner in the sidebar (or click the link here). Organised by Holly Lisle, it’s a three-month challenge encouraging writers to get stuff done over summer. You’re welcome to join if you’re also a writer.

Writing Challenge – Week 1 Progress Report

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