Work in Progress

I’m currently working on three different projects:

Flash Fiction

Based on Holly Lisle’s Free Flash Fiction course, I’m putting together five really short stories which I’ll publish as an anthology. Whilst flash fiction descriptions differ depending who you’re talking to, in this case it’s defined as a complete story that’s told in just 500 words. That’s hard, but a lot of fun.


Dystopian YA Serial – SkySweepers

The story I’m currently focused on. Right now I’m planning a serial with three parts – but that might change as the story develops:

A few generations ago, the quest to combat climate change and the resulting climate control technology saved mankind from self destruction. SkySweepers operate vast machines that clear the sky. But the machines’ reach is limited, dividing the world into those who have sunlight and those who have none.

When Celeste’s SkySweeper father falls to his death during a regular work shift, disaster befalls her family. Turned out of their home and with no means of support, Celeste turns to the darkside secret underworld. Discovering who murdered him and why sets wheels in motion that will change the world forever.


Fantasy – Pale Ones

Vampiric energy drainers periodically enter through a rift in space/time, effectively keeping the north and the southern regions at war. What happens when a child of the Pale Ones is kidnapped and brought up as a slave in the ruling house of the south? This is Ranya’s story of survival and quest for identity, as this humanised Pale One is caught between two very different civilisations, belonging to neither.

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