Summer of Fiction Writing Week 2 Progress

19 June

It’s going well, and I’m on target – in fact I’m a bit over target which is a good thing.

My plan was to write 500 words per day or 2,500 each week. By the end of August I should have at least 32,500 words towards the rough estimate of 50K that this story should take to tell.

Plotting vs Pantsing

I tend to be 50/50 between plotting and pantsing, and so far I’m running true to form. There are upsides and downsides to writing this way.

The good is that I’m constantly being surprised by my muse who loves to throw in random twists and problem solutions, cool new gizmos and gadgets for my characters to play with, and generally run amok through the outline.

The running amok is the bad.

It’s very easy to let the story run completely off the rails. If this happens, if the middle doesn’t gel with the beginning and run naturally into the end wrap-up, the result is a hot mess that I know from experience will be a nightmare to edit.

However, I have written two novels previously using the method, so I’m going with it for now. Keeping a firm eye on the ‘amok’ tendencies of my characters, however, and reigning them in when necessary.

Summer of Fiction Writing Week 2 Progress

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