Summer Of Fiction Writing

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So I’m finally writing fiction again in a three-month writing challenge event. After a break of far too many years, it feels very good.

This week sees the beginning of the SOFW event challenge and I have a target of 500 words every week day. Today, I got 1,227 new words.

What’s the SOFW challenge? It’s the Summer of Fiction Writing event, hosted by Holly Lisle. A three month challenge that runs from June through August, it’s designed to help writers get stuff done. As always with Holly, there’s a ton of forum support, worksheets, classes, courses and freebies to help with whatever’s stopping you getting your words. You’re very welcome to join the mayhem fun.

New Challenge, New Story

I’ve had this story buzzing round in my head for the longest time, and now’s the time to write it. Working title is The Fairy Loft, and it’s an urban fantasy.

A new character showed up, who I think will prove interesting and meaningful. I’m not sure yet whether she’s a protag or antag as she’s a bit of a mystery. Judging by her actions and parting words to Anna (MC), she could be either. She’s sent Anna on a little errand that will introduce her to someone who is definitely very important, and I’m excited to find out what she thinks about him.

Here’s the plan:

I am writing a standalone, longish novella at around 50K words. By the end of August I plan to have 32,500 words, progressing at a rate of 500 new words each workday, mon to fri.

I’m allowed to go over my daily wordcount, but not carry any words over. The word count resets at midnight every night (fitting Cinderella analogy there seeing as it’s a fairy story) and I start the hunt for new words afresh each working day.

It’s been a while since I’ve written fiction on a regular basis, and I so miss it. Wish me luck, and if you want to encourage and support, please pop back as I’ll be posting short updates like this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There might even be snippets as the story grows.

Summer Of Fiction Writing

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