New Words

622 new words. Writing fiction again is odd, I’ve focused for so long on nonfiction. But it’s good, gives my creative brain a different kind of work out, and my muse is slowly peeking round the corner again and venturing a few, experimental ideas.

Bum in Seat

I’m having to relearn how to break resistance to writing. I know how to do it with non fiction, business writing, but fiction is a whole different thing. So far I’m just sitting down and putting words on the page/screen. That works for now, but I can see a time in the future, when the story gets more complicated, that I won’t be able to do that.

Technical Issues

I’ve also had to update this web site as it’s so long since the last time I posted anything. Had to get into the techy back end and update WordPress manually, which I’ve never done before. Thank you, who were very helpful and pointed to exactly the information I needed. If you’re looking for web hosting, I can recommend them.

New Words

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