About Deborah Sutton

Deborah Sutton

I’m based right in the middle of the UK in the county of Staffordshire, about as far away from the sea as you can get on this island.

These days I write full time, but in previous lives I’ve held various jobs that include being an electronics technician and test engineer, a charity shop worker, and a college/university lecturer and tutor.

I’ve got a couple of grown up kids who make me proud every day.



Writing and Fiction, Genres and Fascinations


I think I might have been born writing. I remember filling dozens of exercise books with stories when I was at school, and constantly getting told by English teachers to ‘please finish your stories’. Trouble was, where most of the kids were writing a couple of pages, I was writing novels. There was no way I could finish a story in a 40 minute lesson, or a couple of hours of homework time.

Boarding school gave me plenty of time to hone the craft. Often homesick and bored, stories were an escape from 24 hour school and I must have written dozens of tales and fables. I’d retell favourite stories from films, putting my own spin on the characters and storylines (this was way before fanfiction was common).

Over the years I’ve settled into two main genres: romance and fantasy/paranormal. The ‘otherworld’ stuff is my favourite. I love tunnels and mirrors, shadows and shady alternative worlds. I like mystery and new ways of looking at the world, any world. I’m not so keen on straight magic, although my WIP Gadolan has elements of pure magic in it.


When I’m Not Writing


2015 is the year of the photograph. I’ve started a 365 project to learn how to take better photos with my iPhone and this is becoming something of an obsession. I have plans for the photos (writing related) and my mailing list members will get first dibs on a new writing how-to book later this year. Sign up to join in.


My Other Sites



I’ve started putting some iPhone photos up on a separate website. With the exception of just a couple, they’re all taken with the iPhone 5 and are part of my 365 iPhone photography project: dsPhotos



In my day job I’m a copywriter, creating web copy of all kinds for various clients: Clean Cut Copy

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