writing challenge

Summer of Fiction Writing Challenge Update

In the interests of accountability and so I’ve got a record of what happened during this three-month writing challenge, here’s where I’m at so far. Three weeks into the writing challenge my original goal was to have 7,500 words (500 per day, 2,500 per week).  My Goal – Overall, to get past the half way […]

Taking Writing Inspiration from Images

Images are so powerful. I’ve written stories from photo prompts for years, and very often find just looking at an image can bring a complete story into existence. This story is no different. So I thought I’d share some of the images that are currently inspiring me. I find buildings especially fire my imagination. Is […]

Writing Challenge – Week 1 Progress Report

7th June Got off to an early start with fiction writing this morning. That’s really nice change and something I might try and make more of a habit of rather than plunging straight into business writing. Anyway, I dropped into a conversation between Ozzie and Kathy, who had both done things the other disapproved of. […]

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