Truth to TellWelcome!

My fiction ranges from fairytale fantasy romances such as the novella, Arriana’s Trial, to sweet contemporary romances with a hint of mystery. I also write dystopian speculative and fantasy fiction which is not at all romantic. Hey, there’re two sides to every coin.

The extreme side of my coin is copywriting – and you can explore that facet of my writing world here if you fancy.

Every so often I feel the need to mail my list – maybe new blog posts, upcoming releases, story news, or anything else I think might be of interest.  I don’t mail everyday — or even every week —  so you won’t get a flooded inbox, and you can leave anytime you like.

The sign up box is in the sidebar if you want join, and as a special thank you I’ll send you a couple of short stories. These two are also on sale through Amazon but you can get them free through my list.